Paint Innovation 4.0: boosted efficiency and also considerable mistake decrease

ABB Capacity ™ for Paint is a solution portfolio for automating and also digitizing paint technology as well as paint lines. It makes it possible for auto suppliers to regulate the painting process in lots of ways.
Today’s automotive manufacturing is characterized by short product life process along with a plethora of designs as well as versions, which are made on usual assembly line with a high degree of personalization. Body paint is among the vital processes in the vehicle market to have a direct influence on the external look of a car. Auto makers attach excellent relevance to the top quality of the final product, and also invest in one of the most modern-day paint lines for their factories.

Data evaluation for enhanced paint procedures
Within a paint cell with advanced conveyor as well as procedure technology, unique paint robotics take on various paint tasks, such as the homogenization of the surface area as well as the subsequent application of topcoats and clear lacquers. An optimum interaction of all parts need to be accomplished in order to acquire the very best possible paint outcome. The range of different body versions as well as shades likewise requires new requirements for paint systems: intelligent programs can, for example, set the individual paint parameters for the atomizer’s plan, which is identified by the color, the vehicle version as well as the factory.

By keeping track of and analyzing the data from manufacturing processes and also tools, vehicle producers can currently develop their painting systems even more effectively and also therefore raise performance. ABB sustains its clients with its modern technology as well as its ABB Capacity for Paint electronic portfolio, which allows them to enhance their paint procedures, minimize material as well as power consumption, and boost completion results of the painting procedure. The variety of options belongs to the entire cross-industry electronic experience dropping under the umbrella of ABB Capacity ™. This consists of an open, interoperable cloud platform that attaches gadgets, systems, services, as well as solutions in order to increase efficiency, efficiency, effectiveness and safety and security throughout the functional life cycle. ABB Capacity ™ modern technology product or services are made use of in a vast array of sectors, aiding to develop substantial included worth through digitalization as well as closed-loop solutions.

With ABB Capability for Paint, firms will accomplish a first-run rate of virtually 100 per cent with continual schedule thanks to very early fault detection.
Adaptable machining methods as called for.
Depending on the kind of core, Inacore looks to 3 optional processing methods after elimination: In the very first variation, the IRB 6700 locations the cores on the deburring table on core certain assistance pallets. There, the IRB 1200 relocates the splitting plane with a steel needle for deburring. The IRB 6700 then gets the cores once more and puts them on the removal shuttle bus. The shuttle bus takes the cores out of the safety and security location of the cell as well as presents them to the operator for getting rid of right into the core shelfs and for manual aesthetic examination. In the 2nd operating mode, appropriate for simple core contours, the removal robot eliminates the cores under a chain area for deburring. The cores are after that deposited on the removal shuttle bus. In the third variation, the IRB 6700 gets rid of the cores from the core box as well as positions them straight on the elimination shuttle bus without an intermediate deburring step.

MultiMove decreases room needs and prices.
The IRB 1200 controls Inacore with MultiMove. “We will certainly never run the two deburring robots per cell individually, so this setup was the evident choice,” states Rudolf Wintgens. “In manufacturing, every cubic centimeter of area matters. Since we only need one robot control device in the MultiMove, we reduce room requirements and also prices”.

Paint Innovation 4.0 optimization.
Pioneer values integrity.
Andreas Mössner, Taking Care Of Supervisor of Inacore and also Laempe Mössner Sinto, clarifies: “We value the dependability of the ABB robotics in harsh atmospheres and the excellent versatility of the programs, specifically throughout deburring. Additionally, ABB was able to rack up with our other needs as well as additionally with the price.” The business behind Inacore have considerable experience with robots for core making and also spreading; Laempe and Scheuchl implement ABB robotics for clients worldwide. Laempe is a leader in the automation of sand core manufacturing making use of robotics. Together with ABB, Laempe mounted the very first robotic in a core-making application back in 1996.

Laempe is an ABB Authorized Worth Service Provider. For several years, Scheuchl has actually depended on robotics for casting manufacturing and raw casting machining. Throughout the brand-new installment for Inacore, the setting up group as well as the programmers from Laempe and Scheuchl gave all solutions for the application of the ABB robotics.

A financially viable remedy.
Inacore believe that automation remedies with robots are the very best approach to create with high reproducibility and quality. “We achieve shorter cycle times as well as lower personnel demands and also can thus minimize expenses,” states Dr. Udo Dinglreiter, Managing Supervisor of Inacore and also Scheuchl. “From a business point of view, ABB robots are favored for their reduced total and also application prices. Additionally, the robotic relieves workers of literally hefty, repeated and hazardous tasks, therefore boosting work-related security”.

This is just how modern technology is utilized for making colors like chalk shades (χρωματα κιμωλιας) or acrylic colours (ακρυλικα χρωματα).